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Hollis Seniors meet every Thursday at the Lawrence Barn Community Center.  Gathering starts at 11 AM and Meals on Wheels is usually brought in at noon.  A program usually follows the meal or members stay and socialize, playing games of their choice. 

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November 2013


We have some new members:  Stop by and say “hi” to Nelson Burtt, Bonnie Derek and Laura Biathrow.  WELCOME all.


We kicked off October with several interesting activities.  We started with a visit from Service Link.  This organization provides information pertinent to seniors and is a clearinghouse for senior issues and questions.  This session focused on upcoming changes to Medicare/Medicaid.  Service Link has an office located at the Nashua Senior Center.  Feel free to drop by and visit these folks, as they are very much in “tune” with senior issues.


Our Hollis Fire and Rescue folks, headed by Chief Towne, then visited us.  The presentation and discussion centered on fire prevention and how help is just a phone call away.  Chief Towne and his folks discussed the importance of maintaining your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Emphasizing the importance of changing your batteries in the detectors and just where they should be placed within your household. He also emphasized the importance of “REPLACING” your detectors if they are more that 10 years old.  Even if your instruments are “hard wired” into your dwelling, if they are more that 10 years old, replace them.  They also discussed the use of various fire extinguishers that are in households.  But, the team also emphasized that if you have a fire, call 911 first!  So, all it takes is a phone call to the fire department and they will be happy to pay you a visit and inspect your detectors and make necessary recommendations concerning fire safety. 


Next we had a “buzz” of a presentation.  Loretta Jackson from the Merrimac Honey Bee Association discussed the many benefits of bees, ranging from production of honey (which we all like) to how bees can be used in certain medical therapies.  She further discussed just how bees are so very important to farmers and to our overall food production.  She explained how bees are shipped around the United States, how many bees there are in a typical hive, and how to take care of a beehive.  It is very important that we should be especially careful about spraying pesticides and insecticides outside our home, as these chemicals will kill bees.  Bees are our friends!


We had our “brown bag” auction the next week.  Some of the items auctioned off were amazing, ranging from food items to hand warmers to model planes.


We finished up the month with a Halloween costume contest and our business meeting. See the pictures of the Halloween garb on our web site.  Some great costumes were displayed.


The minutes of the last meeting were read by Bob Fiero and accepted.  Highlights included the upcoming Christmas Party, election of new officers for next year and the schedule for November’s and December’s business meetings.  The Treasurer’s report was read and accepted.


New business:  Congratulated Paul Fimbel on his 100th birthday.  Reminded everyone that our November business meeting will be 21 November and the December business meeting will be 19 December.  Additionally, it was voted and decided not to renew our membership in the NH State Seniors council, as there seems to be no benefit in maintaining membership in this organization.  Also, the membership approved a $50.00 donation to the Meals on Wheels organization.  The membership decided on  “haddock” and “chicken” menu selections for the Christmas Party.  Make your menu selections with Pam Arpin.  Our election for officers is coming up.  The slate of candidates is as follows: 

President:  Honi Glover and Janet Chaney

Vice Present:  Donna Wardlow

Secretary:  Bob Fiero

Treasurer:  Basil Mason and Nancy Bell. 

Floor nominations and voting will take place during the November business meeting.


Activities for the month of November:

-          7 Nov:  MOW and the McKay’s bio.  That’s going to interesting.

-          14 Nov: Presentation by Easter Seals.

-          19 Nov:  HBMS lunch

-          21 Nov:  Business meeting and voting for 2014 officers.

-          28 Nov:  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  There will be no meeting


November Birthdays: Judy Mahoney, Loretta Seremeth, and Donna Wardlow.

If we forgot someone, it is because you didn’t provide your birth month for our database.  Please see Bob Fiero to update your information.



1.      We have a business meeting the last Thursday of every month (except Thanksgiving).  Be sure to attend. 

2.      The SVTC bus service has gotten better.  If you have any questions, call Nashua transportation at 880-0100 Ext 1.  And you can visit the SVTC web site at www.SouheganRides.org.  And if you have not registered with the “blue bus”, please do so by calling the above number.

3.      Senior notification.  The Hollis communication center has a procedure in place by which seniors can be registered for Health and Welfare phone calls.  Forms to register for this service are available from the Communications Center.


Future Senior Activities of interest.

1.      We are working on upcoming winter activities.

2.      Voting for 2014 officers.

3.      Our Christmas party is already scheduled for 12 December 2013 at the Crown Plaza.  Menu selections are being made along with entertainment.  More to follow.


Please let me know your suggestions.



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