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Hollis Seniors


 Nov 2009 Newsletter



Hollis Seniors Newsletter

6 Marketplace, #1c

Hollis, NH  03049


President: Phyllis Houle  P: 465-2160                              Email: None

Vice President: Virginia Wilkins  P: 883-5278                   Email: iwant2trvl at aol dot com

Secretary: Jim Belanger  P: 465-2301                              Email: n1nh at tds dot net

Treasurer: Sandy Belanger  P: 465-2301                          Email: nhsandyb at tds dot net

Editor/Photographer: Andy Seremeth  P: 880-8685           Email: Aseremeth at aol dot com

Hollis Seniors meet every Thursday at the Lawrence Barn Community Center.  Gathering starts at 11 AM and Meals on Wheels is usually brought in at noon.  A program usually follows the meal or members stay and socialize, playing games of their choice. 

Hollis Seniors web site: www.Hollisseniors.org

Email group: Hollisseniors@yahoogroups.com


November 2009


We have had a busy October.  To start, it was agreed that the Seniors would hold a yard sale on 20 March 2010, from 8AM to 1PM.  Yes, that is a few months away, BUT now is the time to set aside all those goodies for the upcoming sale.  And, you don’t have to keep them in your house, but just bring them to any Seniors meeting and we will store them for you.  Any questions, call Gerry Walsh (465-7131) or Loretta Seremeth (880-8685) for more information.  Additionally, the SVTC (Blue Bus) held their 1year anniversary at our meeting this month.  If you have not used or signed up for the “Blue Bus” do so as soon as possible.  It is a great service. During this month, Maggie Riddle gave an “interactive” class on making “corn husk dolls.”  From the looks of things, there are some great doll makers among our group.  Lastly, we have some new members, i.e., Louis Bell, and Pat & “Beanie” DeMayo.  Stop by and say “hello.”


Activities for the month of November.


-          5 Nov:  MOW and Blood Pressure Clinic.

-          12 Nov: MOW. John DiClemente will present his autobiography. 

-          17 Nov: Thanksgiving “lunch” at HBMS.

-          19 Nov: MOW.  Scott Hunter from our Hollis Fire Department will be serving our MOW and explaining the “File of Life.”

-          26 Nov:  Have a GREAT Thanksgiving! 



November Birthdays:  Loretta Seremeth



1.      The Hollis Seniors now have a gateway to post cancellations on WMUR TV, airing 15 and 45 minutes past the hour on Channel 9.  If the weather looks bad, check Channel 9

2.      We have a business meeting the last Thursday of every month (except Thanksgiving).  Be sure to attend. 

3.      The SVTC bus service is off to a good start.  If you have any questions, give Jim B. a call at 465-2301 or call Nashua transportation at 880-0100 Ext 1. 

4.      The SVTC has its own web site: www.SouheganRides.org.  So you folks with computers, pay that site a visit.  You will be pleased as what information is available.


Other Senior Activities of interest.

1.      There is some discussion about putting together a Hollis Seniors Time Capsule.  Think about it.  More discussion later.

2.      Don’t forget to visit our Hollis Library. 

3.      How about some “show and tells”

4.      How about having a TV weather person come and speak to us?

5.      Phyllis Houle has announced that she will be moving next year and thus, we need to be thinking about a new slate of officers.  Looking for a new President and a new Vice President.  Any volunteers?

6.      We are planning a yard sale next MARCH to help raise some $$ for our treasury.  Therefore, over the next 6 months or so, set aside various items that would be great “yard sale” finds.  Gerry and Loretta will be running the sale.  Note:  No BOOKS, No SHOES and No CLOTHES.  You can bring your items to any seniors Thursday meeting and we will store them for you as Jim (thank you) has made available a storage unit.  Or, give Gerry (465-7131) or Loretta (880-8685) a call and we can pick up the items. 


Please let me know your comments and wishes.


Phyllis Houle

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