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Hollis Seniors


 June 2012 Newsletter



Hollis Seniors Newsletter

52 Nevins Road

Hollis, NH  03049


President: Honi Glover


Email: Honiglover at TDS dot net

Vice President: Donna Wardlow 


Email: donnamlfrd at yahoo dot com

Secretary: Bob Fiero 


Email: Bob_fiero55 at yahoo dot com

Treasurer: Basil Mason 



Editor/Photographer: Andy Seremeth


Email: Aseremeth at aol dot com

Hollis Seniors meet every Thursday at the Lawrence Barn Community Center.  Gathering starts at 11 AM and Meals on Wheels is usually brought in at noon.  A program usually follows the meal or members stay and socialize, playing games of their choice. 

Hollis Seniors web site: www.Hollisseniors.org

Email group: Hollisseniors@yahoogroups.com


June 2012


The month of June started with an exercise class, a movie and of course Blood Pressure checks.  The exercise class was well received and is well attended.  Keep in mind the exercises are via video so we can set our own pace.  Come to the “Barn” at 10:30 every Thursday and stretch your limbs. 


At the next meeting our local Reike Master, Laura, presented the benefits of Reike and its relaxation benefits for seniors.  It was a great demonstration (Our willing patient was Nancy Bell.) and really hit home with the importance of proper relaxation that is great for the body and soul.


At our next meeting we had Hollis Police Officer Macinnis present a program about “fraud” and how to protect your identity from various scams. Officer Macinnis explained in detail the various computer, email and phone scams that all citizens need to be aware of.  He also stressed the importance of monitoring your credit report, at least on an annual basis.  He also provided names and organizations you can contact if you feel you are or have been a victim of fraud.  They are:

1.  Hollis Police:  465-7637.  Call them first

2.  Equifax:  www.equifax.com  1-888-766-0008

3.  Experian:  www.experian.com  1-888-397-3742

4.  TransUnion:  www.transunion.com  1-800-680-7289

5.  Federal Trade Commission:  www.ftc.gov

6.  U.S. Treasury:  www.treasury.gov

7.  U.S. Postal Service:  www.usps.com


At our following meeting we had “Gus the Beekeeper” detailing the real life of honeybees.  They play a very important part in maintaining our food supply.  He explained the inner workings of a beehive, who the main players (bees) are, their longevity and just what makes an ideal beehive.  He and his wife explained the importance of beehive democracy, which is how a hive really works together.  Gus ended his presentation by discussing the damage that toxic pesticides used in our yards, gardens, orchards and on farms causes to the bees.


We finished up the month with our business meeting.


Activities for the month of June:

-          7 June:  MOW+ Blood Pressure + Movie + Exercise class

-          14 June:  Our picnic, here at the “Barn.”  Please call Honi to confirm if you want to attend.

-          21 Jun:  Pharmacy lecture by Vahrij Manoukian, our local pharmacist. 

-          28 Jun:  Monthly Business meeting


June Birthdays:  June Madeira, Noreen Morley, Don Ryder, Sharon Shay, and Mary Willis

July Birthdays:  Pamela Arpin, Dolores Ballou, Janet Defeo, Janet LeMay, Bernard Madeira, Basil Mason, Cheryl Ryder and Pat Walsh,



1.      We have a business meeting the last Thursday of every month (except Thanksgiving).  Be sure to attend. 

2.      The SVTC bus service has gotten better.  If you have any questions, call Nashua transportation at 880-0100 Ext 1.  And you can visit the SVTC web site at www.SouheganRides.org.  And if you have not registered with the “blue bus”, please do so by calling the above number.

3.      Senior notification.  The Hollis communication center has a procedure in place by which seniors can be registered for Health and Welfare phone calls.  Forms to register for this service are available from the Communications Center.


Future Senior Activities of interest.

1.      How about a trip to the NH State House to see and hear our State Reps at work?  (We now have one of our own as a State Representative)

2.      How about having a TV weather person come and speak to us?

3.      We are looking into a visit to the Army Museum at Ft. Devens and the Wright museum in Wolfeboro, NH

4.      Our annual Christmas party will be December 13th.  So mark your calendars.

5.      How about a trip to the Apple store at Pheasant Lane mall to get some “hands on experience” of the latest technology?  No cost.  And then maybe lunch at some of the new restaurants located there? 

6.      Depending on summer activities, there may not be a July and August Newsletter.  Summer vacation.


Please let me know your comments and wishes.


Honi Glover 


Send mail to webmaster@hollisseniors.org with any questions or comments about this web site.
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