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Programs:  Grace Dunham 


Hollis Seniors meet every Thursday at the Lawrence Barn Community Center.  Gathering starts at 11 AM and Meals on Wheels is usually brought in at noon.  A program usually follows the meal or members stay and socialize, playing games of their choice. 

Hollis Seniors web site: www.Hollisseniors.org

Email group: Hollis-seniors@googlegroups.co

December 2016


I am happy to say that we are still having our chair-Yoga every Thursday starting at 10:15.  So come a little early and enjoy these various relaxation techniques. 


We started November with Laura England, the new Director of the Hollis Social Library giving us an update of what is new at the Hollis Library.   The Hollis library has not only a “Seniors Wednesday” from 9:30-11AM, but a list of on-going activities and programs.  There are activities ranging from learning a language to how to use a computer.  Feel free to contract the library at 465-7721 or visit it via the web site at “hollislibrary.org.”  It is a very vibrant organization.


The following week was open time for socializing.


The officers, with input from members, are recommending the following changes to the current by-laws.  Voting for these changes will occur at the December Business meeting.  These changes were also posted in our November newsletter.


Section 3:  Old wording:  Meetings of the organization shall be determined as voted on by the membership and may be changed after the proposed change has been published in the newsletter at least 30 days before the vote.


Section 3:  New wording:  Meetings of the organization shall be determined as voted on by the membership and may be changed after the proposed change has been published in the newsletter at least 30 days before the vote at a regular or special meeting.  (See section 10)


New Section 10:  Special meetings.  Special and/or emergency meetings may be called by the President and/or Vice President for due cause with one week’s notice promulgated via the Association’s official E-mail list.  Reason for the meeting shall be clearly stated and at least 15 members shall be present to conduct any official business of the special meeting.


If any members have comments on the above, please contact Donna.


Our last meeting was also the monthly business meeting.  Along with birthday announcements, we had cake and ice cream.


Business meeting highlights:

-         Past meeting minutes were read and accepted.

-         Treasurer’s report was read and accepted. 


Old Business:

-         We still need to hold a membership drive.  A chairperson is needed.  Any volunteers? 


New Business:

-         The Hollis Senior Christmas party is scheduled for 8 December 2016, from 11:30AM to 1:30PM at the Radisson.  Meal selection is either apple stuffed chicken or herb crusted salmon.  Price will be $28.00 per person with the Seniors picking up taxes and incidentals.

-         Donna must have your meal selection and money by December 1. 

-         We also will have a Yankee Swap, with gifts in the $10-$15 dollar range.

-         June Madeira will be sending out cards to members that have not been attending for a while, just to let them know we miss seeing them.


Activities for the Month of December:

-         1 Dec:  Meet and greet. 

-         8 Dec:  Annual Christmas Party at the Radisson

-         15 Dec:  Business meeting along with voting for Officers and voting for changes to the by-laws.  The proposed changes were published in the November Newsletter and are as stated above. 

o       People nominated for offices at this time with additional nominations being accepted up to the voting period:

o       President:  Donna Wardlow

o       Vice President:  Marion Keith

o       Secretary:  Bob Fiero

o       Treasurer:  Nancy Bell

o       Program director:  Open and a volunteer position.  Grace Dunham deserves a big round of thanks for her past duties as program director.  So, who is ready to step up? 

-         22 Dec:  TBD.

-         29 Dec:  TBD.


December birthdays: Sheila Carrier, Janet Chaney, Richard Davidson, Grace Dunham, and Eleanor Whittemore


If we forgot someone, it is because we do not have your birth month for our database.  Please see Bob Fiero to update your information.



1.      We have a business meeting the last Thursday of every month (except Thanksgiving).  Be sure to attend. 

2.      The SVTC bus service has gotten better.  If you have any questions, call Nashua transportation at 880-0100 Ext 1.  And you can visit the SVTC web site at www.SouheganRides.org.  And if you have not registered with the “blue bus”, please do so by calling the above number.

3.      Senior notification.  The Hollis communication center has a procedure in place by which seniors can be registered for Health and Welfare phone calls.  Forms to register for this service are available from the Communications Center.

4.      For members that have Charter Cable service, the Hollis Public Service Channel is Channel 191.  For those with TDS, it is Channel 12. When there is “bad” weather, please check the appropriate channels for school closings and/or delays, which will mean there will be no seniors meeting.


Please let me know your suggestions for future activities you would like to see or do.


Send mail to webmaster@hollisseniors.org with any questions or comments about this web site.
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